You can gather a lot of insight by talking to a child at length, but that is often not practical in the classroom. Given the constraints of the classroom, technology provides another way to assess what children are understanding and learning. Digital tools can support and enhance practice that aligns with assessment and reporting principles and requirements

These are just a few of the ways that I will use technology to help me measure student growth:

  • Creating digital portfolios online. I like these because in essence, this is a blog/webpage that showcases student work from the whole year. It’s easy to update and easy to access.
  • Kahoot: I see myself using Kahoot as an interactive assessment tool. It is a web based tool that is easy to use. It is quick and easy to create and store data. I will use to introduce new topic. To activate prior knowledge, create few question and discuss. It will help to reinforce knowledge that they have learned. Discussing incorrect answer helps to clear any misconception.
  • Socrative: another tool that I would like to keep in my digital tool box