The society in which we live requires more flexible ways of learning. Formal, informal and distance learning are living today in a virtual space through the network. The ICT are important part of our education system. At Primary and Secondary Education, students start to use them in class, but the reality is that nowadays almost every student goes to school with a wide range of technological skills. Schooling and teaching is changing with this new context. It is very important to know that ICT are not only about computers and the internet, but also about different tools and applications such as IPad, tablets, cameras, smart-boards(interactive boards)etc.

These tools make our life easier and are very helpful in organizing the big amount of information that we receive each day. We know that we do not use all of them every day but we also know that our students are in continuous contact with technology and we cannot ignore it. For this reason, the changing role of teachers is an essential issue. There is a need to move from a “push educator” to a “pull educator”. The first one fills the heads of their students with content without causing any activity or desire in them in order to deepen the knowledge and the potential of the resources around them. The second one awakes in students the motivation to learn and will help them in the sought of meaningful information that generates knowledge.